You know what brought us close ??

One night I was feeling soo lonely and was broken with my past friendships and your message came and I replied and came to know you care for your friends and everday we talked . Sometimes you texted me ,sometimes I waited for your texts and calls , I started sharing my problems .

There is noone in my life like you , I thanked god that you came in my life and sometimes I secretly wish I secretely pray to god that you to be remain with me forever . I am soo in love with you that inspite of your many bad habbits I love you and that love is increasing day by day and its getting difficult for me because am addicted to you . I have fear that someday I may lose you but should focus on positive side and will cotinue to wish to pray god that you to be with me forever . I LOVE YOU .

lots of love 😘



Tu rootha dil toota…..

I cant remain angry at you , because you make me smile even in bad angry mood thats the magic . How you do that ??

Am falling and falling and falling for you more and more and more for you day by day I love you 💗

lots of love ,

appletomypiee 😘

What is love ??

What is love ??

Isnt that a big question ??

For her love was caring , help in need ,to get him all the things he wanted and finds happiness with and spendings special romantic moments with him and to collect lots of memories and to take care of each and everything regarding him .

When she used to wake him up ,she keeps looking at him like he is the most beautiful thing that had happened with her and kisses him while he is sleeping and thinking how inocent he is ! And wakes him up by a morning kiss , how deep her love is can you imagine .

And for him the love for her was not even a single call ,when she was in need , not a single call in a day to ask how she is , what did she done all day.

Even if she is broken from inside ,she used to come and help him all the way out and all she got was a question from him did I ask you for all this ?? Tears run from her eyes ,she was broken into million more pieces but she decided to continue a relation because she cant see him alone in problems ,in difficult situations facing problems alone .



Someone in my dream asked me whats your hobby ??

I answered to fight with my best friend .

Because ,fighting with my best friend is a way better than taking my bestie and I love it .

Touchwood it remains the same and we remains friends forever . I love you .

lots of love ,

appletomypiee 😘

Only 3 months left for this year to complete .

September ended ,for me september was full of ups and down ,soo many emotional disturbances ,soo many fights .

A year back was completely a different situation ,different surrounding ,different atmosphere .

Presently am hoping that the remaining 3 months of this year should be good ,should be well spent with the people you love .

For now am having many relation problems just want to get sort out all . I dont want to loss any of the person in my life now ,atleast those who promised to be with me forever .

Have a happy three months of this year .

appletomypiee 😘