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Story of a little girl….

A girl was born in a small town ,her mother and father were having jobs ,she belongs to rich family and lived in a joint family . 

She belongs to rich family that like there was no space to keep the money in the house . Her father was soo kind hearted , helping poor peoples ,was of very much helping nature . 

Years later because of some bad luck her father fails to do some buisness contract and left doing that work and started the another buisness . 

But her mother was very strong took all the responsibilities of children and family . As her father started the new buisness ,it takes the time to grow up . Socio economic condition started to fall down . All the savings were decreasing as it takes money to start the new buisness . 

Many new buisness were started by her father and was having a bad luck in every buisness because whenever her father was starting a new buisness there was a failure in it . Because of this he got soo much depressed . But her mother any how became his strength and supported him and his family alot . 

There were soo many expenses which were taken by her mother . There were also some family issues because of also her father was depressed one day he quit ,left his wife and childrens . 

Her mother became weak ,her family members asked them to leave the house but as her mother was soo strong she fought for the rights and was doing her childrens education . Her family members were soo rude that they put some non sense cases on her mother and childrens too . All these situations were strongly and bravely faced by her mother despite of low socio economic condition . Her family members were giving mental torture to her mother but her mother was too strong ,fought in every situations . As that little girl had grown up now she also became the strength of her mother but she cant do anything as she was small but supported her mother .

Her family members were too rich but none of them supported them ,all were trying to put them down ,when i heard this i felt soo bad that they are your family members and that women is all doing hard work for her children and you are not even supporting her ,leave the option of supporting her they her family members were putting non sense cases on her and was giving mental stress felt very bad . 

When that girl asked to me what she i can do I just only answered that take education its time to make your carreer and by this you can help your mother and make her proud . 

By listening to her story I was shocked that such type of people like her family members exist in this world . 

Please be kind to everyone you never know who has gone through tough situation .

Lots of love 😄


Necessary to spend time alone too…..

Hello friends , was just travelling and was listening to music and was thinking about future ,ambition ,family ,friends  many thoughts were running in my mind .

Was thinking that sometimes its necessary to spend time alone too ,to enjoy your own company its the greatest gift that you can give to yourself . But dont make it a habit that you love to spend time alone only and you became anti social .

Thinking about beautiful past memories makes us happy and mistakes done in past gives you a lesson for future . When we are alone many thoughts runs in our mind ,its a human nature may be we think about our past mistakes ,think about regrets but past is past we cant change it only we can take lessons from our past ,we worry about our future for this set your goals ,set your principles everything will be easy but dont overthink on one thing too much ,just be happy ,find happiness in everything you do ,be positive , be strong , encourage others ,spread happiness around you world needs more of that .

Thank you 

Love you 😄


Temporary Things 

Hello friends , hope you had an amazing day .

I was just sitting and was thinking how fast the things change whatever it may be friendship ,feelings ,situations ,conditions ,relations.

The friend whom you trusted soo much in the past and with whom you shared all your feelings with is not even answering your text how bad it feels ,how bad it hurts and that friend is not having any idea how much it hurts . 

At one moment someone is behaving that you are too much special for them and at one point of time you are nothing .

Things do change whatever it may be ,nothing is permanent .

Soo , just think for a second when you are avoiding someone ,when you are ignoring someone . That person might appear you with a happy face and talks with you like  that nothing had happened but deep inside he/she is hurted soo much .

Soo ,think twice tell whatever the truth is ,tell whats the problem instead of behaving wrongly or avoiding or ignoring them . Everyone have heart , your one action can broke that heart into pieces ,even though that person is smiling all the day but deep inside he is broken soo think twice .

Thank you 

Love you


Dream comes true……

Hello friends, hope you are having a amazing day just wanted to share with you that ,My childhood dream came true , that i got the most precious prefix before my name i.e “Dr. ” It was not only my dream but also my fathers and my mothers dream too . 

Journey was not soo easy ,it was full of ups and down and finally the hard work paid off . Despite of many ups and down the journey was amazing and enjoyed alot thanks to my friends .

One day me and my father were passing from my college road i.e before getting admission into a medical college ,at that time I said to him that I will get admission in this college ,and after the one year like a miracle I got admission into that same college only but sad part is ,he my father is not with me ,he died that year and missing him too much . But happy that his dream came true that I became a Doctor .

Thank you soo much

Lots of love 😄

Have a nice day


Feelings ??? Attraction ??? Or Lonliness ???

Feelings ,attraction and lonliness are mainly faced by the teenage students .

Everyone have/had feelings for someone ,everyone is attracted to someone in life at some point of time and lonliness is what i am going to talk about .

When person is feeling lonely,at that time he/she is very needy ,he/she needs an emotional support ,needs the comapny of friends . As the person who is feeling lonely gets the emotional support from someone , he/she starts to depend on them , gives their key of happiness to them which is really wrong . As they know they are happy with that person ,they starts to spend time together ,here comes the attraction between them but its not the attraction really ,its the lonliness which is in search of happiness . As the two person started spending time together ,they have feelings for each other and at some point of time one may betray the other person or may loss the feelings for other or may have some problems in their relationship and again that person falls in an emotional breakdown .

All things are temporary in this world , attraction is also temporary , if one person is attracted towards you today ,there might be a chance that, that person may get attracted to someone else tomorrow ,if you are sad today you may have a great and happy day tomorrow soo all things are temporary in this world .

From this i just wanted to tell you that dont depend on others for your happiness , don’t give your key of happiness to others , be strong ,don’t be dependent on others .
Have a happy day

Lots of love 😄



Cherish yesterday,Dream tomorrow,Live today: Last few days of 2017 

Hello friends, hope u are having a great day…

Last few days of 2017 are left, first of all wish you all  Happy New Year in advance. 2017 was full of ups and down for me and the happiness too .

I was just sitting with my friends in the beginning of 2017 and was just chatting with my friends and was saying 2017 is going to be a happy year for me and at that time  i had no idea what is going to happen and all i was saying at that time was all that what i was feeling at that time and it came true , 2017 was really a happy year for me in the whole college life  some new friends entered my life and they made this year full of fun and joy . And there were some ups and downs ,some life lessons i got and also got some people full of positivity , got some inspirations also and etc ….

Just wanted to tell you that enter the new year with all the positive thoughts , no space for the negative thoughts and negative people too. And cherish your yesterday ,and dream for tomorrow and for making the dream into the reality live today and work for it and definately you will achieve it . 

Once again Wish you a Happy New Year in Advance .

Enjoy ,have fun

Love you 😄



Awareness of thing what one person is doing for you is Realization . 

You should have realization of everything for eg. If a person is doing many things only to keep you happy then you must have realization of that what that person is doing and going all through only to keep you happy . 

If a person is available for you everytime and helping you in need and you are taking it for granted then there may be the thing that ,the person might get disappointed might get frustrated , and in that disappointment person might counts you the the thing what all he/she had done for you . Disappointment or frustration comes to the person only when ,he/she is not getting the positive results from the opposite side , positive results means that person is not available for you when you need them ,person is not making time for him/her , he/she calls only when they are in need and in rest of the time they forget them , so , you should have realization of what the person is doing for you .

Other eg. Poor parents giving education to there sons/daughter when they are having low socio-economic condition , so that child should have realization of what parents have done for them and should respect their parents .

Just wanted to tell you that , You should have realization and determination of the things what others are doing for you. 

Thank you

Love you😄