Last 6 months of internship ( college )

When I thinks that there are only last 6 months of internship left , after that when will i meet my friends , at some point of time i want the time to pause but at some point of time i want internship to get over .

Some point of time my eyes are full of tears that i dont want to leave this college ,dont want to say good bye to my friends . Friends are the huge huge huge part of my life dont want to say them good bye .

I dont came to know when my 5 and half years are gone with my friends . Some friends are very special to me that no one can replace them , they have special place in my heart . When i will leave this college i want to take all good memories with me .

I met soo many people in this college ,some became very special to me ,they will always remain close to my heart and thanks to them ,they had given me soo many good memories .

I love you

appletomypiee 😄


What is this ??

When you were best friends at one point of time ,then how come this behaviour ,did’nt you remember any good memories of us ??

After a long time , sudden call came of person X , I pick up a call and said “helloo ” noone answered .

I texted Mr/miss X , U called me ,may be by mistake my number has dialled.

Mr/miss X : Sorry

Me : 😷

Was just thinking , people are soo selfish .


Please be kind to others .

Please be kind to others .

Some people are dealing with soo many probles but they did not utter a single word ,and accept everything .

Please be kind to them ,one single rude word ,bad words can hurt them so bad that they broke down so badly .

If you cant help them ,dont try to act like you are helping them , if you genuinly feel for them try to be with them when they need .

And please dont play with feelings of others .

Lots of love 😄



Never thought I would be stranger to you , you go on sending text to everyone who is not even responding you , ohh yess just wanted to tell you that keep your standards .

The only thing I wanted that not seeing you as a stranger but you did it anyway . How many times should I come to you ,to talk with you ,I can make time for you ,but you cant even take out time for me ,even after we are meeting after soo many days .

How should I consider this ,this all makes me to think that I am not important to you .

The way you told that you cant take out time for your friends , I saw your attitude , you just go to people when you need them ,at other times you dont think of them even if they are in need .

Just want to say that change for good .

appletomypiee 😊

Everywhere you look there is a story .

“Everywhere you look there is a story ” .

Dont you think its true ??

Wherever you look ,dont you remember something by looking at it ,some memory ??

It happens with me everytime ,wherever i look there is some memory .

Everything has a great story behind it .

If something is happening now it must be having great story in future .

Lots of love 😄



Was just reading a novel ” It started with a friend request “.

Well this is the first novel that am reading 😝 ,because i find boring reading novels but it was suggested by my friend and the name of the novel itself made me to start reading it ,dont know when I will complete reading this novel 😂 but very soon I will .

When I was reading that novel not yet completed but I can relate some of those things of that novel .

And was thinking why cant we live those moments again that had been in a past .

But the thing is things are temporary in this world .

But by reading that novel I was feeling soo happy that I was imaging all those moments in the past which all made me happy ,how good the time was ! Why can’t we go back and live those moments again ?

And was thinking that reading novel is not that boring , can try reading some more novels .

Lots of love 😄